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Tours that are engaging, innovative and always on hand

Tours that are engaging, innovative and always on hand

Interactive Virtual Tours

A unique and compelling way to sell your designs, projects, developments and communities
Interactive Virtual Tours increase website visit times by encouraging interaction and curiosity

Make an impact with a solution that's truly unique

Live and integrated

Ensure potential clients are kept up to date with live sales information

The power of play

Keep site visitors around for longer with interesting and unique applications that are enjoyable to explore (instead of trudging through text)

Limitless possibilities

Seamlessly guide visitors between renders, lifestyle videos, 360 tours, interactive maps and engaging 3D scenes - ensure your media makes an impact

What is an Interactive Virtual Tour?

An Interactive Virtual Tour is a web-based product, designed to help highlight and sell all manner of real estate stock. Everything from individual home designs and multi-townhome projects, through to land sales, new estate masterplans and communities.

It's accessible from all current computers, laptops and mobile devices and is fully interactive, ensuring maximum impact and increased engagement time. Best described as a online "platform", Interactive Virtual Tours can also incorporate current and future collateral including renders, 360 images, videos, PDF floor plans and brochures.

If you love using 3D Virtual Tours, 360 photos or Matterport content, Interactive Virtual Tours will be right up your alley.

What are the differences between 3D Virtual Tours and Interactive Virtual Tours?

A 3D Virtual Tour is a product that consists of many 360 degree photos stitched together using smart software. Special cameras are used to take these 360 degree photos, so if your project isn't finished or built yet this solution is not for you.

An Interactive Virtual Tour is a product that's built using computer generated (CG) 3D. Compared with 360 degree photography, CG models enable a far greater range of possibilities and interactivity.

What devices does it run on?

Interactive Virtual Tours work on basically all current devices, providing they have an active internet connection and web browser. This includes computers (PC, Mac, etc), laptops, and mobile devices (tablets, phones, iOS and Android).

How are Interactive Virtual Tours made?

To create an Interactive Virtual Tour we just need your 2D or 3D computer files. This can include 2D plans developed in drafting and architecture software (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, etc) and/or 3D models built in any 3D software (3D Studio Max, Rhino, SketchUp etc). 

What does it cost to build an Interactive Virtual Tour?

We approach each project as a bespoke application and the price varies depending on the project size, amount of interactivity and features. Because of this, we'd always suggest getting in contact with some project details so we can provide an accurate quote. 

How long does it take to build an Interactive Virtual Tour?

As with the cost, it can vary a lot. Smaller projects like a lone single-storey floor plan can take around a week, whereas for large projects like the one shown above we generally advise a timeline of 1-2 months. 

The level of interactivity, amount of content and additional features can all impact the time required.