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Realtime Visualisation

LXRP: Bell to Moreland

PROJECT: Bell to Moreland



CASE STUDY: KASA was contracted by John Holland and LXRP to develop a full 3D visualisation of the Bell to Moreland rail crossing removal. The project scope was originally just the two new station designs and their immediate surrounds but quickly grew to encompass the full length of the line. By accurately constructing surrounding buildings, roads and other structures ourselves, we were able to avoid costly 3D scanning practices. Users could experience the space on desktop or in a virtual reality headset, exploring freely. Features included jumping between key points, changing the time of day, turning on/off animated people and even riding the train along the line. 

The project was used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To generate still renders and movies
  • For LXRP meetings, discussions and design revisions (making use of site lines, views from the trains etc.) 
  • For community engagement (including the Voluntary Purchase Scheme) 

We were regularly adding new details and updates to the scene, keeping up with short deadlines for meetings with council, community, government and so on.