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Touchscreen Applications

Wolfdene: Pavilion

PROJECT: Pavilion Casey Fields

CLIENT: Wolfdene

CASE STUDY: Wolfdene is a multi-disciplined property firm with in-house design, project management, marketing and real estate sales capabilities. 

KASA develops touchscreen applications for a range of real estate projects. For Wolfdene’s Pavilion sale’s suite, we embedded the screen in a custom made table and developed an application that supported sales agents throughout the entire sales process. A user has access to a fully interactive masterplan including lot availability and dimensions as well as stage breakdowns and release status. Sales agents can mark lots as sold or held through the screen, with this change being immediately reflected on Wolfdene’s CMS and website. The screen also features typical floorplans, detailed dimensions, a render gallery and a wider map displaying local amenity. 

Starting life with only masterplan functionality, the application has been growing with new features added regularly, masterplan updates and new feature releases highlighted on the screen. Wolfdene doesn’t need to be involved in these updates beyond the initial request and final design review, with updates being pushed to the screen over the screen’s wifi connection. This also allows us to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise remotely.