Well, it’s been a little over 4 years since we came to be, and this is our first blog post.  Some might say that “it’s not good enough” and “lazy” while others might say “we’ve been too busy” and “don’t have enough time”.  Truth of the matter is, it’s a little bit of both.

The path for KASA from then to now has been full of twist and turns, ups and downs, rocky roads and butter smooth straights, but thankfully no dead ends.  We did see the “road closed ahead” sign a bunch of times but through masterful and strategic planning, (but more realistically) acts of desperation and through sheer absolute luck, we’ve managed to stay in the game, and we learned more than we could ever have hoped for.

In the quest to extend our period of “absolute luck” we’ve decided to start a blog (how original) and to revive our social platforms (yes, I know we should’ve been more on it) because 1, we genuinely have some exciting and fun news to share, 2, we’ve met and worked with some absolute rock stars and would love the world to know about them, and 3, we have a crazy, passionate, tight knit team, which I (as one of the co-founders) want to grow.  But to grow, we need more projects, and to get more projects, people need to know about us and what we do, so here we are.

Because what we started off doing, and what we told people we did, has changed radically. 

So, I’d love if you checked in occasionally.  Maybe told some of your friends and co-workers what we do, because we do some really (really) cool stuff.  Not just VR and AR, but also MR, and web stuff, and app things, and animation, and large-scale interactive games and we have big government experience to boot, seriously I could still go on.

Funny story, during a recent team meeting we thought about a catch phrase.  A lot of “corporate” and “hipster” tag lines were thrown about.  Nothing stuck, and everything was boring and didn’t capture what we did.  But jokingly someone said “how about KASA, we don’t not do that…”

It’s not pretty, it’s kinda confusing, but it describes us surprisingly well.  KASA, we don’t not do that…

So, if this is the first time you’ve heard about us, “welcome, I hope we can help you in some way” or if you’ve known about us for a while and are still here “thanks for sticking with us”.  Because if you didn’t know already, at KASA, we don’t not do that.


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