Cue, typical business networking event with a bunch of strangers, all awkwardly looking into their drinks and scanning the room for the least threatening face to strike up idle conversation with.

“So, what do you do?”

“Me?  Oh, I run a VR studio.”

I’m then confronted with either, “wow, that’s cool!” and then me and the no longer stranger can geek out about how cool the tech is.  Or more likely the case, “oh, what’s that?”  To which I slowly commence to fill my lungs with more air than usual, for a reply I’m hoping they’ll understand and comprehend, in a way that I’m praying won’t offend their intelligence, which almost always includes a reference to the movie The Matrix.

Due to COVID, I haven’t been to too many of these things this year, but when they start back up soon, I don’t know how I’ll answer that question.

Why?  Well, some of our more recent work have included:

  • Interactive 3D content for websites for real estate, apparel, and defence.
  • Interactive touchscreen masterplans for land sales offices.
  • Animated fly through videos for new council projects.
  • A large scale, real-time visualisation project for a government infrastructure body.
  • An awesome interactive touchscreen travel map for a tourism operator
  • A super trick location based Augmented Reality experience using machine learning.
  • A funky new tool for local councils called KASA Plan (this one actually has VR, lol)
  • A frustratingly complex online calculator for windows of all things!

So, do we still do VR things?  Yup!  Do we do a whole lot more than just VR things?  Yup!  So what should I say we are when the question is asked?

A digital solutions studio?  Sounds a little too techy.

A creative solutions studio?  Doesn’t sound techy enough.

A creative digital solutions studio?  It’s a bit wordy, but it might do for now.


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